Military & Tactical Winter Accessories

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Standard Leash [{"Product Name":"Standard Leash","Product Code":"A0156","EAN":"5031290100915","Colour":"Grey","Length":"-","Weight":"33g","Strength":"-","Conformance":"-"}]

    Standard Leash

    A simple and effective leash design that prevents accidental dropping of your axe.

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    Freedom Leash [{"Product Name":"Freedom Leash","Product Code":"A0130","EAN":"5031290202640","Colour":"Black","Length":"-","Weight":"42g","Strength":"-","Conformance":"-"}]

      Freedom Leash

      Tethers that give the freedom of climbing leashless but stop you losing your axe if you drop it.

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      Grippy Grip Tape [{"Product Name":"Grippy Grip Tape","Product Code":"A0PIB-3","EAN":"5031290202664","Colour":"Black","Length":"-","Weight":"37g","Strength":"-","Conformance":"-"}]

        Grippy Grip Tape

        Grippy Grip Tape is perfect for insulating your axe handle to stave off hot aches, and providing extra grip when using the upper hand rest.

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        Choke Hold Leash [{"Product Name":"Choke Hold Leash","Product Code":"A1359","EAN":"5031290103077","Colour":"Grey","Length":"","Weight":"33g","Strength":"","Conformance":""}]

          Choke Hold Leash

          The Choke Hold Leash prevents you from accidentally dropping you axe, and can be used to rest when climbing more strenuous terrain.

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          Vault Wire Gate [{"Product Name":"Vault Wiregate","Product Code":"A558MG","EAN":"","Colour":"Matt Grey","Weight":"63g"},{"Product Name":"Vault Wiregate","Product Code":"A558MBLK","EAN":"","Colour":"Black","Weight":"63g"}]

            Vault Wire Gate

            A racking carabiner that keeps your ice screws safely in place and easily accessible.

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            Crampon Spares [{"Product Name":"Ice points (pair)","Product Code":"C6004","EAN":"5031290190749","Colour":"Black","Length":"-","Weight":"","Strength":"-","Conformance":"-"},{"Product Name":"Terminator AB plates","Product Code":"A6001","EAN":"5031290190305","Colour":"Black","Length":"-","Weight":"145g","Strength":"-","Conformance":"-"}]

              Crampon Spares

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