Ice Axe Spares for Discontinued Axes

We still hold parts for discontinued axes, although as we make them in small batches we may be out of certain items from time to time. Spares include bolts, picks, hammers, adze and grips - see Tech Specs for details.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourLengthWeightStrengthCertification
Rebel / Anarchist pick - B typeC0224Black---
Rebel / Anarchist HammerS0225Black---
Rebel / Anarchist AdzeS0226Black---
Rebel TriggerTRIGGERBlack---
Rebel / Anarchist bolts (3) Pre 2006A0227SBlack---
Rebel / Anarchist bolts [16mm](3) post 2006A0220SBlack---
Xeno Adze Pick - T TypeC0183Black---
Xeno Adze Pick - B TypeC0185Black---
Xeno Pick/Hammer - T TypeC0184Black---
Xeno Pick/Hammer - B TypeC0186Black---
Venom Pick/AdzeC0193Black---
Venom Pick/HammerC0194Black---
Raptor Technical Pick/Adze UnitA0150-01Black---
Raptor Technical Pick/Hammer UnitA0150-04Black---
Raptor Alpine Pick/Adze UnitA0160-23Black---
Raptor Alpine Pick/Hammer UnitA0160-26Black---
Fly / Raptor Bolt Set (x2) pre 2005A1250SBlack---
Switch, Apex, Fly, Raptor Bolt set (x2) post 2005A1450SBlack---
Alien/Predator AdzeA1350AMSilver---
Alien/Predator HammerheadA1350HSilver---
Alien/Predator Bolt Set (3)A1350SBlack---
Predator PickA1350IPBlack---
Alien PickA1350ALBlack---
Alien smooth talker pickA1350STBlack---
Fly Pick/Hammer Unit T TypeA0174Black---
Fly Pick/Hammer Unit B TypeA0174BBlack---