Current Axe Spares

We still hold parts for both current and discontinued axes. The spares include bolts, picks, hammers, adze and grips. See tech specs table below for further information on spares for the current range of axes. More information on spares for discontinued axes is available on the Ice Axe Spares for Discontinued Axes page.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourLengthWeightStrengthCertification
Switch/Apex - Mix Compact AdzeC0281Black-156g--
Switch/Apex - Mix HammerC0282Black-141g--
Switch/Apex - Ice Compact AdzeC0283Black-152g--
Switch/Apex - Ice HammerC0284Black-137g--
Switch/Apex - Mix Mountain AdzeC0285Black-195g--
Pick Weights Set + BoltsC0286Black-44g--
Fly/Raptor Mix Pick Adze 2012 onwardsC0273Black----
Fly/Raptor Mix Pick Hammer 2012 onwardsC0274Black----
Fly/Raptor Alpine Pick - Adze 2012 onwardsC0261Black----
Fly/Raptor Alpine Pick - Hammer 2012 onwardsC0262Black----
Fly / Apex Top Hand RestA0270-30Black----
Fly / Apex Bottom Hand RestA0270-31Black----
Switch, Apex, Fly, Raptor Bolt set (x2) post 2005A1450SBlack----