Urban Operations

Urban environments are inherently complex environments that can be difficult to manoeuvre in without the correct tools. Walls, buildings, trenches, and rubble all create potentially challenging obstacles. The capability we offer allows unprecedented ease of access and superior mobility in urban scenarios, and gives units a far wider range of deployment capabilities.
The equipment gives operator’s the ability to fire a grapnel hook 35m vertically to establish a high anchor point, ascend with a motorised winch up to 100m/min, leap frog past choke points with lightweight carbon ladders and insert large teams into lower floors quickly whilst avoiding ground level entry points.
All systems are designed to be light, modular and tough so that they can be carried easily and then quickly built up into a custom configuration to overcome the specific problem being encountered
Helix provide a full range of training solutions that can be adapted to cover everything from basic techniques, to looking at full mission profiles. Bespoke solutions, equipment systems and training are available on demand.