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Mule 2 Transport System [{ "Product Name": "The Mule 2 With Handles", "Dimensions": "71 x 244 x 47cm", "Weight ": "21kg", "Load Rating": "227kg", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "The Mule Without Handles", "Dimensions": "66 x 84 x 47cm", "Weight ": "16kg", "Load Rating": "227kg", "Colour": "Black" }]

    Mule 2 Transport System

    All purpose transport solution with an all terrain wheel and fast, simple securing system. 

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    Porter Transport System [{ "Product Name": "Porter Transport System", "Dimensions": "28 x 50 x 95cm", "Weight ": "18.5kg", "Load Rating": "227kg", "Colour": "Black" }]
    • Universal design, compatible with any type and style of rigid litter.
    • The wheels can be quickly and easily removed for compact storage and transportation.
    • Eight position adjustable handles.
    • Two never flat wheels.

      Porter Transport System

      All purpose transport solution with greater leverage and easier carrying. 

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      Tirol Kit [{ "Product Name": "Tirol Kit", "Product Code": "LY11-0119TIROL-KIT", "Weight": "10.8kg", "Load Rating": "225kg" },{ "Product Name": "Light Mule", "Product Code": "-", "Weight": "4.7kg", "Load Rating": "-" },{ "Product Name": "Handles", "Product Code": "-", "Weight": "4.5kg", "Load Rating": "-" },{ "Product Name": "SS Shoulder Support", "Product Code": "-", "Weight": "0.5kg", "Load Rating": "-" }]

        Tirol Kit

        A lightweight and versatile patient transportation system ideal for long haul retrieval. 

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