Universal Stretcher UT2000

The UT2000 from Kohlbrat & Bunz is a modular system 'Alpine Rescue' style stretcher designed for technical rope rescues and helicopter evacuations during military and tactical operations. 
It is constructed from a welded tubular frame made from high quality aluminium tubing which is covered by a shield of strong plastic that protects the carrier of the stretcher.  Wide, padded shoulder belts with a chest fixation provides optimum load distribution and high carrying comfort during transportation over tough terrain. 
The stretcher is comprised of two UT200 sections which can be used alongside wheels, flotation cylinders and an Ackja-sled module to offer a solution for water and winter rescue. Carrying belts can be detached for helicopter transport and four multi-functional load-bearing belts securely fixate the injured or load during steep face and helicopter rescue.
There is a wide range of accessories and configurations available to adapt to and suit the application. These include the following:
  • Stretcher with carrying harness 
  • Stretcher without carrying harness 
  • Stretcher with standard load frame (standard and large)
  • Width Extension Frames
  • Mattress for stretcher with length of 200cm
  • Back Net
  • Infusion Holder
  • Patient Restraint Straps
  • Extension Handle for Wheel System and Ackja System
  • Wheel System Alpine
  • Ackja System Alpine (one man or two man operation)
  • Rigid Flotation Devices
  • Inflatable Flotation Devices
  • Removable Carry Handle 

The UT2000 stretcher may be fitted with optional rigid foam flotation rolls to provide buoyancy during water evacuations. The six robust foam rolls are attached by webbing straps and buckles to the stretcher frame tubes. 

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