Titan Tapered Split Basket Stretcher

The Titan Series Basket Stretchers are specifically designed to perform in a technical rescue environment for military and tactical operations. The materials allow it to surive in almost all conditions, whilst the design itself allows for a user friendly platform from which to work. A 25.4mm top-tube make it easy to hold onto, and four StratLoad attachment points make it quick, easy and safer to clip a Litter Bridle into. The High Density Polyethylene netting allows water and air to pass through the patient compartment easily. 

The tapered design allows for easier access into confined areas. 

The split apart feature allows for a completely solid connection between the two parts of the stretcher, without the use of pins or tubes sliding into each other. A quick and easy visual check can be carried out to ensure connections are secure throughout an operation. This connection system allows for the stretcher to be assembled or un-assembled in about 15 seconds. Every Split Apart basket includes Collet Protectors which are meant to be used on each end when the stretcher isn't in use to protect threads from denting. 

The Titan Tapered Split Basket Stretcher is available in two versions:

Stainless Steel

All-stainless TIG welded frame construction. 


Titanium TIG welded frame construction which is half the weight of the Stainless Steel version. 

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