Titan Regular Basket Stretcher

The Ferno Titan Series is specifically designed to perform in a technical rescue environment. The materials allow it to survive in almost all conditions, whilst the design itself allows for a user-friendly platform from which to work. Unique features include a 25.4mm top tube to make it easy to hold onto compared to smaller-tube frames. It also comes with four patented StratLoad attachment points that make it quick, easy and safer to clip your Litter Bridle into. These attachment points protect the carabiner from wall and rock faces. The High Density Polyethylene netting allows water and air to easily pass through the patient compartment, yet the small holes keep from snagging debris as easily. This netting material also will not rust. 

The Titan Regular Basket Stretcher is available in two versions:

Stainless Steel

All stainless TIG-welded frame construction basket stretcher. 


TIG-welded frame construction. The titanium materials allow the additional feature of reducing more than half of the weight when compared to similar stainless steel models. Designed to meet a traverse standard of 1134kg whilst suspended from a four point litter bridle. 

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