Yates Rappel Master Adjustable Lanyard Shock Stop

The Rappel Master Adjustable Lanyard is an adjustable length personal retention lanyard and is designed to connect to the users harness and to a fixed surface or helo rappel point. 
Quick to deploy, the adjustability of the lanyard is key in a moving platform. It allows for the end user to adjust in flight, how tight or loose they want to be while performing certain shooting approaches by manipulating the daisy chain with their support hand. 
The lanyard is constructed from mil spec 4000 lbf (18 kN) 5625 tubular webbing, with a rated strength of 3400 lbf. (15kN). The adjustable daisy chain system gives the lanyard an adjustable length and the adjuster buckle has a strength of 6 kN. 
The Kong Tango has 1.1 inch gate opening and is classified to meet NFPA 1983/2006 edition standards. Strength 7425 lbf. (33kN).

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Product NameProduct CodeColourLength RetractedLength Extended
Yates Rappel Master Adjustable Lanyard Shock StopYT571-BLKBlack18 inches47 inches
Yates Rappel Master Adjustable Lanyard Shock StopYT571-TANCoyote/Tan18 inches47 inches