Yates QR Helo Personal Retention Lanyard Kong Tango

A personal retention lanyard for helicopter use, which features a tactical coloured, non-reflective quick release shackle made from stainless steel. 

There are several safety features incorporated into this personal retention lanyard - 

  • The quick release shackle allows the user to easily release from either a harness or belt. 
  • In the event of the retaining ring breaking, the swedged release pin eliminates the plunger pin from releasing. 
  • A quick-release shackle uses velcro to secure the release tab. This reduces the risk of inadvertent release. 
  • Built with new custom made 5000lb. mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing ( 1 1/8" width) which has a better cut resistance than the standard 1" mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing. 
  • Kong Tango double locking snap hook is classified to meet NFPA 1983/2006 edition standards. 


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Product NameProduct CodeColourLength RetractedLength Extended
Yates Helo Personal Retention LanyardYT565-BLKBlack20 in / 51 cm31 in / 79 cm
Yates Helo Personal Retention LanyardYT565-TANTan20 in / 51 cm31 in / 79 cm