Yates Heavy Duty QR Personal Retention Lanyard

Designed using an all black, non reflective, oxide plated quick release shackle made from stainless steel. The release mechanism has a unique pinned swivel to allow easier release at various release tab pull angles. The extra heavy duty snap shackle has a large diameter allowing for much easier release whilst under a full 300lb load. The snap shackle has a Maximum Working Load of 4410 lbs and a Minimum Breaking Strength of 8820 lbs. The quick release shackle uses velcro to secure the release tab in place to lessen the chance of accidental release. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourRetracted LengthExtended Length
Heavy Duty QR Personal Retention LanyardYT563-6300-BLKBlack21 inches32 inches
Heavy Duty QR Personal Retention LanyardYT563-6300-TANCoyote/Tan21 inches32 inches