Military & Tactical Rope Protection

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Conterra Edgebot [{ "Product Name": "Conterra Edgebot 1 Unit", "Product Code": "COCEB1", "Colour": "Yellow" },{ "Product Name": "Conterra Edgebot 2 Units with Maillons", "Product Code": "COCEBD", "Colour": "Yellow" },{ "Product Name": "Conterra Edgebot 3 Units with Maillons", "Product Code": "COCEBT", "Colour": "Yellow" }]
  • Uniquely shaped to work on railings, logs, rocks, guard rails, parapits, or anywhere else that friction needs to be addressed.
  • Can be hobbled down with rope or webbing, hung by biners, or even slid along tracks made by 8mm utility cord.

    Conterra Edgebot

    The Redesigned Conterra Edgebot is an ultra compact, high efficiency roller that is packed with features.

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    CTOMS EdgePro [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS EdgePro", "Product Code": "CT47600", "Colour": "Coyote Brown" }]
    • Lightweight at 178g
    • Size: 29cm x 9cm
    • The Toughtek backing and padded buffers on sides helps prevent slippage
    • Internal and replaceable wire allows the shape to be moulded to the edge

      CTOMS EdgePro

      A lightweight and compact edge protector for rope

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      CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit", "Product Code": "CT47610-P", "Colour": "Grey" }]
      • Three skins to a pack

        CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit

        Replacement SuperFabric swatches to provide longevity of the EdgePro 

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        CTOMS RopePro [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS RopePro", "Product Code": "CT47620", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Coyote Brown", "Weight (g/m)": "", "No. of UIAA Falls": "", "Certification": "" }]
        • 4 Internal layers of SuperFabric with an external layer of grippy material
        • Secures itself with velcro
        • Anchor points can prevent accidental movement

          CTOMS RopePro

          SuperFabric heavy duty wraparound rope protection

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          Lyon Edge Guard [{ "Product Name": "Lyon Edge Guard 30", "Product Code": "LYLEG30", "Length": "31cm", "Weight": "690g" },{ "Product Name": "Lyon Edge Guard 10", "Product Code": "LYLEG10", "Length": "11cm", "Weight": "310g" }]
          • Made from stainless steel for durability and designed to securely smooth off sharp 90 degree edges.
          • Can be anchored with the attached adjustable 4mm cords.
          • A simple velcro closure on the top of the unit stops ropes from jumping off the edge protector.

            Lyon Edge Guard

            A simple and cost effective edge protection system that comes in two sizes. 

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            Petzl Module Roller [{ "Product Name": "Petzl Module Roller", "Product Code": "PZP49", "Weight": "1330g" }]
            • Kit includes 4 modules, 6 quick links and a carry bag.
            • Rollers can be used both on the horizontal axes and run on bearings to further minimise friction.
            • Each module can be positioned independently to adapt to the terrain.

              Petzl Module Roller

              An articulated rope protector which acts as a rope guide and protects it from abrasion. 

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              ProPad+ Edge Mat [{ "Product Name": "ProPad+ Edge Mat", "Product Code": "PROPAD+", "EAN": "5031290213219", "Colour": "Blue/Red/Yellow" },{ "Product Name": "ProPad + Edge Matt ", "Product Code": "PROPAD+BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "ProPad + Wearsheet", "Product Code": "WEARSHEET-BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black" }]
              • Heavy duty canvas and thick, natural fibre matting construction gives effective protection against sharp edges
              • Replaceable canvas wear sheet increases longevity
              • Eight connection eyes allow different attachment configurations depending on application
              • 40mm diameter Velcro strips allow the ProPad + to close around ropes
              • Can be used open or closed depending on application and stability of loaded ropes
              • Can be used in conjunction with K-Pro rope protectors to maximise protection

                ProPad+ Edge Mat

                The ProPad+ is a heavy duty rope protector that is suited to the demands of the outdoor activity industry.

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                K-Pro Rope Protector [{ "Product Name": "K-Pro Rope Protector Canvas/Kevlar", "Product Code": "K-PRO80", "EAN": "5031290213202", "Colour": "Blue/Red", "Length": "80cm", "Certification": "-" },{ "Product Name": "K-Pro Rope Protector Canvas/Kevlar", "Product Code": "K-PRO50BLK", "EAN": "5031290219334", "Colour": "Black/Olive", "Length": "50cm", "Certification": "-" },{ "Product Name": "K-Pro Rope Protector Canvas/Kevlar", "Product Code": "K-PRO80BLK", "EAN": "5031290213202", "Colour": "Black/Olive", "Length": "80cm", "Certification": "-" }]
                • Triple layer construction for high levels of rope protection
                • Aramid mid layer gives high heat and abrasion resistance
                • Colour coded layers allows easy assessment of wear and tear
                • Reversible colours allow easy identification of separate lines
                • Tie in cords allow installation at any point along a rope’s length
                • Large connection eyes allows connection with either tie in cords or carabiners
                • Can be used in conjunction with ProPad+ rope mat to maximise protection

                  K-Pro Rope Protector

                  The K-Pro is lightweight rope protector that is ideal for outdoor and activity centre use.

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