Military & Tactical Rope Protection

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CTOMS EdgePro [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS EdgePro", "Product Code": "CT47600", "Colour": "Coyote Brown" }]
  • Lightweight at 178g
  • Size: 29cm x 9cm
  • The Toughtek backing and padded buffers on sides helps prevent slippage
  • Internal and replaceable wire allows the shape to be moulded to the edge

    CTOMS EdgePro

    A lightweight and compact edge protector for rope

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    CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit", "Product Code": "CT47610-P", "Colour": "Grey" }]
    • Three skins to a pack

      CTOMS EdgePro Skins Refill Kit

      Replacement SuperFabric swatches to provide longevity of the EdgePro 

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      CTOMS RopePro [{ "Product Name": "CTOMS RopePro", "Product Code": "CT47620", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Coyote Brown", "Weight (g/m)": "", "No. of UIAA Falls": "", "Conformance": "" }]
      • 4 Internal layers of SuperFabric with an external layer of grippy material
      • Secures itself with velcro
      • Anchor points can prevent accidental movement

        CTOMS RopePro

        SuperFabric heavy duty wraparound rope protection

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        Lyon Edge Guard [{ "Product Name": "Lyon Edge Guard 30", "Product Code": "LYLEG30", "Length": "31cm", "Weight": "690g" },{ "Product Name": "Lyon Edge Guard 10", "Product Code": "LYLEG10", "Length": "11cm", "Weight": "310g" }]
        • Made from stainless steel for durability and designed to securely smooth off sharp 90 degree edges.
        • Can be anchored with the attached adjustable 4mm cords.
        • A simple velcro closure on the top of the unit stops ropes from jumping off the edge protector.

          Lyon Edge Guard

          A simple and cost effective edge protection system that comes in two sizes. 

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          Petzl Module Roller [{ "Product Name": "Petzl Module Roller", "Product Code": "PZP49", "Weight": "1330g" }]
          • Kit includes 4 modules, 6 quick links and a carry bag.
          • Rollers can be used both on the horizontal axes and run on bearings to further minimise friction.
          • Each module can be positioned independently to adapt to the terrain.

            Petzl Module Roller

            An articulated rope protector which acts as a rope guide and protects it from abrasion. 

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            ProPad+ Edge Mat [{ "Product Name": "ProPad + Edge Matt ", "Product Code": "PROPAD+BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "ProPad + Wearsheet", "Product Code": "WEARSHEET-BLK", "EAN": "", "Colour": "Black" }]
            • Heavy duty canvas and thick, natural fibre matting construction gives effective protection against sharp edges
            • Replaceable canvas wear sheet increases longevity
            • Eight connection eyes allow different attachment configurations depending on application
            • 40mm diameter Velcro strips allow the ProPad + to close around ropes
            • Can be used open or closed depending on application and stability of loaded ropes
            • Can be used in conjunction with K-Pro rope protectors to maximise protection

              ProPad+ Edge Mat

              The ProPad+ is a heavy duty rope protector that is suited to the demands of the outdoor activity industry.

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              K-Pro Rope Protector [{ "Product Name": "K-Pro Rope Protector Canvas/Kevlar", "Product Code": "K-PRO50BLK", "EAN": "5031290219334", "Colour": "Black/Olive", "Length": "50cm", "Conformance": "-" },{ "Product Name": "K-Pro Rope Protector Canvas/Kevlar", "Product Code": "K-PRO80BLK", "EAN": "5031290213202", "Colour": "Black/Olive", "Length": "80cm", "Conformance": "-" }]
              • Triple layer construction for high levels of rope protection
              • Aramid mid layer gives high heat and abrasion resistance
              • Colour coded layers allows easy assessment of wear and tear
              • Reversible colours allow easy identification of separate lines
              • Tie in cords allow installation at any point along a rope’s length
              • Large connection eyes allows connection with either tie in cords or carabiners
              • Can be used in conjunction with ProPad+ rope mat to maximise protection

                K-Pro Rope Protector

                The K-Pro is lightweight rope protector that is ideal for outdoor and activity centre use.

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