The SPIE system from Marlow has been designed for the transportation of a larger number of personnel for extraction and insertion in military and tactical operations. Higher strength accommodates a greater number of personnel (10 to 12 as standard), along with a unique 2 loop integrated colour coded safety system for all personnel.  The Loop system is manufactured using lightweight, high strength Dyneema, eliminating the need for heavy, bulky metal fittings.  The SPIE also has an additional yellow loop for easy retrieval.

  • Flexible and easily handled
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good shock absorbing properties
  • Good strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • No strength loss from water
  • Zero shrinkage

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Product NameProduct CodeRope DiameterRope LengthTerminationColour
SPIES Rope MWTAU01128mm27.4mSpliced EyeBlack
SPIES Rope MWTAU01428mm40mSpliced EyeBlack