Roco Double X RDX

The Roco Double X RDX system offers a safer and faster fast roping technique, particularly when the user is carrying a heavy load, and is simple to operate. 

it is constructed from a customised rope with an integrated Friction Control Pad (FCP) and two sewn eyelets, one at each end. Configured in a Sandal Wrap friction knot on a fast rope which allows for a controlled descent similar to an autoblock. The RDX will reduce the heat that ordinarily results during fast roping procedures; therefore, the user can wear a single pair of leather gloves as opposed to a double or heavy pair. 

Multiple RDX users can effectively fast rope simultaneously on a single rope. Tandom (personnel or K9) fast roping operations can be accomplished safely by using the RDX. The maximum total loaded weight whilst fast roping on the RDX is 350lbs. The RDX is lightweight and can be easily towed in a cargo pocket. It is durable enough to be used repeatedly and has various other uses such as anchor sling, K9 leash or tie down. 


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