FRIES Rope Multifit Termination

The FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction System) from Marlow is designed as a multi use product for rapid deployment and retrieval, reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel. Each Marlow F.R.I.E.S can carry 6 fully equipped personnel with it's loop and lanyard system and can also be used as a regular Fast Rope. 

Strong and durable, the versatile MultiFit Termination has been designed to fit a wide range of helicopter cargo hooks and hoist systems. Features a 45mm machined eye allowing fast attachment. 

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Product NameProduct CodeRope LengthRope DiameterRope WeightRope Minimum Break LoadColour
FRIES Rope - MultiFit TerminationMWTAS06015.2m40mm68 kg/100m7.6kgOlive
FRIES Rope - MultiFit TerminationMWTAS06118.3m40mm68 kg/100m7.6kgOlive
FRIES Rope - MultiFit TerminationMWTAS06227.4m40mm68 kg/100m7.6kgOlive
FRIES Rope - MultiFit TerminationMWTAS06936.6m40mm68 kg/100m7.6kgOlive