FRIES Rope Dynalite Termination

The FRIES (Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction System) from Marlow is designed as a multi use product for rapid deployment and retrieval, reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel. Each Marlow F.R.I.E.S can carry 6 fully equipped personnel with it's loop and lanyard system and can also be used as a regular Fast Rope. 

The Dynalite Termination has significant weight savings over metal terminations, and  eliminates the risk of injury to personnel on the ground when ropes are released post deployment. No metal parts eliminates the requirement for X-Ray of termination before re-use.

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Product NameProduct CodeRope LengthRope DiameterRope WeightRope Minimum Break LoadColour
40mm FRIES Rope - Dynalite TerminationMWTAS08415.2m40mm68kg/100m7.6kgOlive
40mm FRIES Rope - Dynalite TerminationMWTAS09118.3m40mm68kg/100m7.6kgOlive
40mm FRIES Rope - Dynalite TerminationMWTAS07827.4m40mm68kg/100m7.6kgOlive
40mm FRIES Rope - Dynalite TerminationMWTAS10336.6m40mm68kg/100m7.6kgOlive