Rescue scenarios can present some of the most challenging situations and are therefore the most technically complex of the capabilities that we provide. Our systems have been developed with input from a wide cross section of users including PJs and Mountain Rescue teams. The Helix Tactical systems have been designed to offer the best possible solutions in most environments whether working in a confined space, operating in an urban environment with minimal kit, or conducting a large-scale evacuation in the mountains.

Our systems allow users to lower, haul and manoeuvre casualties with ease in a broad range of situations.  Our portfolio of capabilities includes heavy-duty systems that utilise a quadpod and titanium stretcher all the way down to a micro system built from 6mm Technora and a nappy harness that packs into a pouch and weighs less than 2kg.

Helix Tactical are at the cutting edge of the rescue industry and are constantly developing new techniques and equipment.  Our Research and Development team has over 30 years’ experience and is able to react quickly to changes in user requirements.  We are able to utilise our knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions to complex problems.  Our team have trained globally and have lots of first-hand experience in technical rescue scenarios.

We have focused our attention on developing rescue equipment and training into packages that are modular, easy to deploy, simple to use and help minimise the possibility of human error.  This has been achieved by pre-rigging components together and making components easy to identify.  We take safety of our operators very seriously, and routinely build redundancy into systems which helps reduce the risk of potentially large shock loads.  Our equipment and training solutions are tailored for a broad range of situations from simple lowers and casualty pick-offs, to complex 3 dimensional evacuations through confined spaces.