Peenuts have the same asymmetrical taper as Alloy Offsets, allowing them to protect flared and irregular shaped cracks more effectively than symmetrical nuts. Their large surface area helps dissipate forces, making them suitable for protecting fragile rock.

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As climbs become harder, the need to make the most of all available protection increases. Micro protection lets you protect cracks which normal sized pieces would not fit. Having these wires on your rack gives you more options.
Product NameProduct CodeColourStrengthWeightRangeCertification
Peenut 1 A1511MGMatt Grey4kN8g6.5/11.5mmEN 12270:2013
Peenut 2 A1512MGMatt Grey5kN9g6.8 / 12.1mmEN 12270:2013
Peenut 3A1513MGMatt Grey5kN10g7.8 / 12.7mmEN 12270:2013
Peenut 4 A1514MGMatt Grey8kN16g8.9 / 13.2mmEN 12270:2013
Peenut 5 A1515MGMatt Grey 8kN18g9.2 / 13.9mmEN 12270:2013
Peenut Set 1-5A1511/15MGMatt Grey61gEN 12270:2013
The Peenuts offer one of the best aluminum options for thin crack protection. Aid climbers will enjoy Peenuts because of their pin scar prowess. Supertopo