Alloy Offsets

Alloy Offsets protect irregular and flared cracks that regular nuts cannot. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating. The wires they are mounted on are set into a recess to reduce wear, while larger sizes have holes that reduce weight. Use in conjunction with Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection.

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Nuts with an offset taper protect cracks where normal nuts would not sit properly, such as flared cracks and peg scars. Use in combination with normal nuts to find security in almost any crack.
Product NameProduct CodeColourStrengthWeightRangeCertification
HB Alloy Offset 7A1817MGMatt Grey12kN27g12.0 / 15.1mmEN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 8A1818MGMatt Grey12kN30g13.5 / 17.9mmEN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 9A1819MGMatt Grey12kN37g17.1 / 21.4mmEN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 10A1820MGMatt Grey12kN45g19.4 / 25.1mmEN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset 11A1821MGMatt Grey12kN56g23.2 / 30.0mmEN 12270:2013
HB Alloy Offset Set 7-11A1817/21MGMatt Grey195gEN 12270:2013
As well as making the nut sit better in irregular cracks, the recesses on either side of the head allow for some really creative placements, especially in the irregular pockets so common on volcanic rock. Rock+Run
All in all an excellent nut; bomber in many places where most other nuts don’t come close. Supertopo