Dragon Cams

The Dragon's striking TripleGrip cam lobes feature an increased contact area with a raw aluminium finish and additional bite points. These features work together to increase friction between the cam lobe and the rock it's placed in. This increased holding power reduces walking, particularly in slick or soft rock types and marginal placements. 

Single stem, dual axle design gives Dragon cams 360° flexibility and a substantial expansion range, increasing performance in sub-optimal placements and helping you get the right piece first time. The Dragon cams hot-forged thumb press gives stable handling and reduces fumbling from gloved hands and pumped fingers. It allows the Dragon to have an extendable sling with no strength penalty, reducing the number of quickdraws needed to extend placements and minimising rack weight.

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A hot forged thumb press gives quick placement and retrieval, and stable handling. The thumb press allows cams to have an extendable sling without sacrificing strength – Dragon cams from size 1 upward, have a 14kN strength rating.
Product NameProduct CodeColourActive StrengthPassive StrengthWeightRangeCertificationNSN Code
Dragon 00A73500MGMatt Grey10kN9kN75g14 - 21mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0893
Dragon 0A7350MGMatt Grey14kN12kN85g16 - 25mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0894
Dragon 1A7351MGMatt Grey14kN14kN103g20 - 33mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0895
Dragon 2A7352MGMatt Grey14kN14kN117g24 - 41mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0896
Dragon 3A7353MGMatt Grey14kN14kN128g29 - 50mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0897
Dragon 4A7354MGMatt Grey14kN14kN154g38 - 64mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0898
Dragon 5A7355MGMatt Grey14kN14kN208g50 - 85mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0899
Dragon 6A7356MGMatt Grey14kN14kN299g68 - 114mmEN 12276:20138465-G0-010-0900
Dragon 7A7357MGMatt Grey14kN14kN362g88-149mmEN 12276-
Dragon 8A7358MGMatt Grey14kN14kN515g116-195mmEN 12276-
Dragon 00-1A73500/1MGMatt Grey--263g---
Dragon 2-4A7352/4MGMatt Grey--399g---
These new cams from UK manufacturer DMM had “the bite of a Siberian tiger and the versatility of a Swiss army knife,” making them excellent for every type of rock and style of trad climbing. Climbing
The engineering of the new Dragon Cam is superb, just what I would expect from DMM who always make great equipment that is still made in Wales. Climbing Gear Reviews
We particularly like the extendable sling, one of those brilliant features you almost overlook until you have to go without it. Crimpington Bear
Straight away, these TripleGrip lobes look like they will be more effective in gripping the rock - and my experience to date bears this out. UKC