Military & Tactical Building Anchors

Highnovate Roof Access Fast Anchor [{ "Product Name": "Roof Access Fast Anchor ", "Product Code": "HNRAFA", "Weight ": "2.8kg", "Colour": "Black" }]
  • Quick installation and ready for use in seconds.
  • Can be used with a number of urban features such as beams, doors, windows and roof edges.
  • Lightweight and low volume for easy storage and transportation.

    Highnovate Roof Access Fast Anchor

    A safe, robust and versatile anchor for use in urban operations. 

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    { "colour": "#1f2323" }
    Black Diamond Pecker Piton [{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond Pecker", "Product Code": "BD PECK1", "Size": "1", "Height ": "6.5mm", "Width": "4.0mm", "Thickness": "3.2mm", "Weight": "33g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond Pecker", "Product Code": "BD PECK2", "Size": "2", "Height ": "9.2mm", "Width": "6.7mm", "Thickness": "4.1mm", "Weight": "62g", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "Black Diamond Pecker", "Product Code": "BD PECK3", "Size": "3", "Height ": "11.5mm", "Width": "7.7mm", "Thickness": "4.8mm", "Weight": "111g", "Colour": "Black" }]
    • Designed to be put into hairline cracks, subtle seams and indistinct features.
    • Integrated wire-cabled sling.

      Black Diamond Pecker Piton

      Tools for climbing buildings which can be placed or hammered into mortar lines, window frame recesses and other thin lines of weakness. 

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      Trango Big Bro's [{ "Product Name": "Trango Big Bro 1 ", "Product Code": "BTBBRO1", "Size": "1", "Weight": "154g", "Strength": "12kN", "Range": "81-109mm", "Colour": "Red" },{ "Product Name": "Trango Big Bro 2", "Product Code": "BTBBRO2", "Size": "2", "Weight": "190g", "Strength": "12kN", "Range": "101-145mm", "Colour": "Purple" },{ "Product Name": "Trango Big Bro 3 ", "Product Code": "BTBBRO3", "Size": "3", "Weight": "235g", "Strength": "12kN", "Range": "135-203mm", "Colour": "Green" },{ "Product Name": "Trango Big Bro 4 ", "Product Code": "BTBBRO4", "Size": "4", "Weight": "338g", "Strength": "12kN", "Range": "191-305mm", "Colour": "Blue" }]
      • Expandable tube chock design for very wide cracks.
      • Resist pull in any direction so they are nearly impossible to accidentally dislodge as you climb.

        Trango Big Bro's

        The Big Bro's are a climbing must have for wide cracks. 

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