REBS Wind-Up Pole

The REBS Wind-Up Pole is a lightweight 15 metre telescopic pole that is extended with a crank for speed and ease of deployment that is used for placing a hook with an attached ladder or rope onto a ledge or railing. It can be extended whilst in a vertical position for easy operation. 

It is a compact, strong pole for operations on both land and at sea with all of the telescoping tubes being made from high strength hybrid carbon fibre composite.

The main difference compared to the manual telescopic poles is the windup control which means that the pole needs less handling and is under certain conditions, much easier to extend.

The Wind-Up pole will withstand immersion in sea water plus all belts and moving parts are contained inside the pole for a reliable system with few pinch points.

The top adapter of the pole is compatible with the full range of REBS grapnel hooks.

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Product NameProduct CodeReach Retracted LengthWeightColour
REBS Wind-Up Pole HKBE00002515m4.1m15.8kgBlack
REBS Custom BaseplateHKBE002303----
REBS Locking Pin Release AssemblyHKBE002504----
REBS Ladder ReelHKBE005538--3kgBlack