Wind-Up Poles

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REBS Wind-Up Pole [{ "Product Name": "REBS Wind-Up Pole ", "Product Code": "HKBE000025", "Reach ": "15m", "Retracted Length": "4.1m", "Weight": "15.8kg", "Colour": "Black" },{ "Product Name": "REBS Custom Baseplate", "Product Code": "HKBE002303", "Reach ": "-", "Retracted Length": "-", "Weight": "-", "Colour": "-" },{ "Product Name": "REBS Locking Pin Release Assembly", "Product Code": "HKBE002504", "Reach ": "-", "Retracted Length": "-", "Weight": "-", "Colour": "-" },{ "Product Name": "REBS Ladder Reel", "Product Code": "HKBE005538", "Reach ": "-", "Retracted Length": "-", "Weight": "3kg", "Colour": "Black" }]
  • Wind-Up feature means that the pole needs less handling and is under certain conditions much easier to extend.
  • All parts are designed for both land and sea use, and withstand immersion in sea water.
  • Features an automatic brake which keeps the pole from collapsing unintentionally.

    REBS Wind-Up Pole

    A lightweight, compact and strong telescopic pole designed for use on land and at sea. 

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