REBS Telescopic Pole

The manual Telescopic Pole from REBS consists of multiple carbon fiber segments telescoping into each other. At the end of each segment is a quick action clamp with a lever that securely locks the internal segment in place. Pivot the lever to open the position, and the internal segment is free to move. Adjust the pole segment to a set length and push the lever back down into the locked position. Repeat for all the segments to extend the pole to the desired length.

The poles up to a height of 6m are easy to manage by a single operator on dry land or on a boat, and are great tools for boat-to-boat boarding. The longer poles are made for diving and are easy to use and extend from within water, or to reach the top of a building on land.

Made from carbon fiber, polyamide, and anodized aluminium the ladder is water resistant. 

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Product NameProduct CodeFull LengthCollapsed LengthWeightSectionsColour
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE0024042.8m0.75m0.85kg6Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE0024736.8m1.16m2.35kg9Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE0048348m1.85m3.5kg5Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE0024649m1.8m4.2kg6Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE00246510m3.5m3.1kg3Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE00483512m2.7m4.9kg5Black
REBS Telescopic PoleHKBE00246615m3.3m5.9kg5Black