Mountain Operations

The mountain environment varies enormously and requires a broad skill set for teams to be able to move across a wide variety of terrain and obstacles.  The systems Helix Tactical offer allow a full spectrum of operations to be carried out whether it is a small team moving quickly with lightweight systems, or it is moving a company in mass onto high ground.

Helix can increase the capability of units to move over scrambling/ fifth class terrain, climb rock, ascend, descend, navigate, haul supplies and cross obstacles such as ravines or fast flowing water. And all with kit that will minimise the weight burden and pack size that needs to be lugged around.

Mountain Operations
Helix provides equipment systems and training to enable teams of all sizes to move over steep terrain in all seasons.  We have worked with units operating in the full range of conditions from hot, arid landscapes to the high alpine mountains.  35 years’ experience of manufacturing climbing equipment together with close ties to mountain rescue teams, mountain professionals and specialist mountain troops allows us to deliver a capability that is always at the leading edge.

Vertical Assault and Mountain Movement
Helix’s heritage is based around climbing and moving in the mountains. The variety of capabilities needed by military teams to operate in this terrain are massive, but we will try to outline the key areas where we can help.

Accessing High Points in Rocky Terrain
We offer a range of equipment and systems to allow small teams to access high ground for observation points / ISTAR operations.

Covert Team Insertion
The micro climbing systems give teams the ability to move through technical rocky terrain, with minimal weight burden compared to standard climbing equipment

Tactical Climbing
Full racks of climbing equipment in subdued colours allow mountain leaders to establish access points through steep terrain and establish fixed lines for the main troop to follow.

Moving Teams onto High Ground
Static ropes, ladders, hauling systems and ascending equipment allow larger teams to move quickly up and across steep ground. 
Casualty Evacuation
Equipment and systems facilitate all sizes of team, evacuate injured personnel across steep and rough terrain. Comprehensive systems from micro pulley/haul/lower systems to larger company level packs allow complex 3 dimensional manoeuvres.

Resupply / Hauling
A comprehensive range of micro systems allow efficient and fast resupply to larger systems to haul ATBs out of ditches.

Crossing Obstacles / Ravines / Fast Water
Platoon and Company stores to allow teams to establish haul lines and Tyrolean’s across obstacles.

Alpine Climbing / Movement on Snow and Ice
Axes, crampons and winter protection to allow operators to manoeuvre safely in the mountains in winter conditions.