Atlas Powered Ascender APA-4

The APA-4 is the latest battery powered motorised ascender from Atlas Devices. It is rugged, battery operated and integrates into current SOPs using a broad spectrum of standard climbing equipment. 
Whether operating at maritime depth, in a desert dust storm, or on the side of a remote cliff, the APA-4 brings new capability on a powerful, lightweight package to military and tactical operations. It is a multi-mission device that hauls heavy personnel loads, extends stamina, and reduces mission exposure.
The standard APA-4 lifts up to 160kg / 350lbs directly and an integrated 2:1 attachment allows users to build mechanical advantage systems quickly and easily to lift loads up to 700 lbs. In addition to this there is also a heavy duty version of the APA-4 available that will haul 250kg / 550lbs directly whilst the system can be overridden in an emergency with a manual brake release that allows descent with no battery. Ascent and descent speed is easy to control and allows speeds of up to 66m per minute.
The device handles ropes from 6-11mm in diameter without changing the drive system and is kind to ropes in applying power so that sheaths are not stripped. The unit works on a wide variety of ropes from 6mm skinny Aramid lines to standard low stretch 11mm nylon and polyester ropes. 
Operating time is maximised with batteries that utilise the latest technology for both charging and discharge – a standard 3kg battery gives 210m / 700ft of ascent with a 115kg / 250kg load and the high capacity battery gives 420m / 1400ft of ascent on a single charge. The batteries can be hot swapped both in and out of water. The batteries are non-volatile if punctured by ballistics. The batteries are compatible with the other motorised ascender in the Atlas range – the APA-5
The whole unit has been certified for operational use by the US DOD.
The Atlas APA-4 can be built up into bespoke packages with accessories such as a flotation jacket, wireless remote, hardcase, standard batteries and extended capacity batteries. 

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