CTOMS Quickie Ascender

The QA has been designed to work with the CTOMS 6mm Technora rope and is unique in that it incorporates force reduction into the system through slippage at a specific force window.  It can be added onto a loaded, tensioned rope in seconds to create a hauling or ascent system.  Adding one Quickie Ascender creates a 3:1 system, adding a second creates a 6:1 and then adding a micro pulley gives the user a 9:1 system.  The Quickie Ascender weights just 100g (3oz) and locks closed onto the rope so that the rope cannot be forced out of the cam under load.

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The QA can be used for rope ascension, haul and tension systems, self-belay, rope grabbing and force absorption
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightRope DiameterCertification
CTOMS Quickie AscenderCT47001Black100g6.5mm