CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems Rope

The CTOMS Trace system allows users to lead climb, abseil, and haul rescue loads on a 6mm rope that is fire resistant up to 500c and has superb cut and abrasion resistance. The rope is 6.5mm in diameter, with a Technora aramid sheath and a nylon core. The sheath has a black tracer running through one half, and a tan tracer through the other. This allows quicker identification of the mid-rope, a feature which is functional through night vision devices. The rope comes with high strength sewn terminations at each end to avoid the need to knot the rope. 

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This is the worlds smallest comprehensive capability micro rope system.
Product NameProduct CodeColourDiameterLength
CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems RopeCT90000-6/16Tan6mm16m
CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems RopeCT90004-6/30Tan6mm30m
CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems RopeCT90004-6/46Tan6mm46m
CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems Rope CT90004-6/60Tan6mm60m
CTOMS 6mm Trace Systems RopeCT90004-6/76Tan6mm76m