Maritime Interdiction

The access systems and equipment we provide supports Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) and dive operations with the tools needed to board all types of ships and marine structures. The systems allow boarding to take place across a broad range of scenarios:
  • Covert or overt
  • Co-operative or opposed boarding
  • Static or underway
  • RHIB or dive approach
Once on board the same systems allow operators to climb and manoeuvre around the vessel, climb container stacks and to access confined spaces. 
There are a range of options that allow vessels or GOPLAT structures of all sizes to be boarded – pneumatic and manual telescopic poles that can be used to place anchors for ropes or ladders, lightweight carbon fibre ladders that hook onto structures and grapnel launchers that fire a rope or a ladder up to 30m vertically. Once these anchors are in place, ascent can be made using manual or motorised systems with options that allow the operator to ascend hands free.
Metal hulled vessels can be boarded using the REBS magnetic climbing system. 
All the systems have been designed so they can be used on RHIBS and by divers.
The equipment we supply has been designed to be reliable in the harsh conditions inherent to the marine environment, and has been proven to allow effective deployment in adverse conditions.