REBS Wire Ladder

REBS Wire Ladders have been developed with input from professional users and have high-end features for superior performance in tenuous situations. The rungs are diamond knurled and provide a durable high friction grip surface and every ladder is fitted with thimbles and proper connectors. Made from the highest quality components and materials, the wire rope has a diameter of 3mm, the thimbles are made from 316 stainless steel and the rungs are black anodised 6082 T6 aluminium. The rungs are fastened to the wire rope with an innovative and very strong mechanical bond which has been tested to 470kg on a single side without breaking. The REBS Wire Ladders are often used in combination with telescopic poles

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Product Name Product CodeLength WeightMinimum Breaking LoadStep Width
REBS Wire LadderHKBE0024601.5m0.33kg1200kg137mm
REBS Wire LadderHKBE0024205m0.92kg1200kg137mm
REBS Wire LadderHKBE0025387m1.20kg1200kg137mm
REBS Wire LadderHKBE00246110m1.75kg1200kg137mm
REBS Wire LadderHKBE00246215m2.43kg1200kg137mm
REBS Wire LadderHKBE00246320m3.26kg 1200kg137mm