Ladder Accessories

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REBS FIFI Hook [{ "Product Name": "REBS FIFI Hook", "Product Code": "HKBE002459", "Colour": "Black", "Material": "Aluminium Alloy", "Minimum Breaking Load": "500kg" }]
  • Made for use with Wire Ladders to support the load of the operator.
  • A wide arch design spreads the weight of the operator across a bigger portion of the step.

    REBS FIFI Hook

    Safety accessory for the REBS Wire Ladders. 

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    REBS Wire Ladder Reel [{ "Product Name": "REBS Wire Ladder Reel ", "Product Code": "HKBE005538", "Colour": "Black ", "Weight": "3kg", "Capacity ": "15m", "Dimensions (Diameter)": "310 x 175 mm " }]
    • Perfect for fast operation of Wire Ladders including transportation and storage.
    • A collapsible hand on each side of the reel enables fast and precise handling.
    • A carabiner hook secures the ladder to the reel and a snap hook holds the ladder in place once its rolled on.

      REBS Wire Ladder Reel

      Efficiently operates, stores and transports wire ladders up to 15m long. 

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      Lyon Diskret [{ "Product Name": "Lyon Diskret", "Product Code": "LYLPP0005", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "72g per part" }]
      • Reduces noise and potential damage to the metal end of a ladder rung.
      • Made from hard wearing material and may be used in temperatures ranging from -20c to +60c

        Lyon Diskret

        Prevents the metal end of a ladder rung touching any surface therefore reducing noise and damage. 

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        Baudet KS-10 Wire Cutter [{ "Product Name": "Baudet KS-10 Wire Cutter", "Product Code": "CBKS10", "Colour": "Yellow", "Weight": "0.8kg", "Length": "275mm" }]

          Baudet KS-10 Wire Cutter

          Ratchet operated single handed wire rope cutter. 

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          Felco CDO Wire Cutter [{ "Product Name": "Felco CDO Wire Cutter", "Product Code": "BUFelcoCDO", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "280g" }]

            Felco CDO Wire Cutter

            One handed cable cutters for barbed wire. 

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