REBS Carbon Fibre Hook

The REBS Carbon Fibre Single 9.5" hook is the most popular hook for marine and urban, military and tactical operations.

It is very lightweight and uses a titanium tip for arc or tip loading with a minimum breaking load of 1350kg (tip). 

It can house dual interface adapters which increases placement options and can be quickly connected using quick release pins for safe, rapid deployment option transitions. It is compatible with the REBS Carbon Ladder, Windup Pole, and Telescopic Poles. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightMinimum Breaking LoadCompatible With
REBS 9.5 Inch Carbon Fibre HookHKBE002436Black1.1kg1350 kgCarbon Ladder, Manual Telescopic, Windup Telescopic and Giraffe Tracer