REBS 5 Inch Titanium Hook

The REBS Titanium 5" tactical single hooks are lightweight, high strength grapnel hooks designed for use with the REBS Carbon Ladder, Telescopic Poles and Windup Poles. The titanium hooks can be arc or tip loaded. The hooks are made of aerospace grade 6AI-4V titanium and are assembled with precision craftmanship to ensure excellent strength and durability. All the hooks are tested during pre-production stages and certified to have a minimum breaking load of 1000kg. 

The 5" Hooks come with the following interfaces:

Pigg Release

An adapter with a pin that connects into the top adapter of the placement tool, such as a telescopic pole. After the hook is attached to the ledge, the pin can be pulled, and the pigg release will let go of the pole, leaving behind a clean anchor. 


Rolatube attachments allow for easy placement and seperation of the hook from the pole, similar to the pigg release. 

Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is the most common interface for REBS hooks and fits all the poles (Pneumatic Giraffe Tracer via adapter) and the Carbon Ladder. The mounting bracket gives the option of using the special carabiner pulley system, which allows the user to fasten a hook on an entering point and then pull a wire ladder up to the fastened hook. 

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Made from aerospace grade titanium and assembled with precision craftsmanship to ensure excellent strength and durability.
Product NameProduct CodeWeight Minimum Breaking LoadCompatible With
REBS 5 Inch Titanium Hook with Pigg ReleaseHKBE0046830.7kg1000kg (Arc)Manual Telescopic and Windup Telescopic
REBS 5 Inch Titanium Hook with Rolatube L AdapterHKBE0054260.7kg1000kg (Arc)Rolatube
REBS 5 Inch Titanium Hook with Rolatube S AdapterHKBE0054300.7kg1000kg (Arc)Rolatube
REBS 5 Inch Titanium HookHKBE0034400.73kg1000kg (Arc)Carbon Ladder, Manual Telescopic, Windup Telescopic and Giraffe Tracer