REBS MaxGrip Hook

The REBS MaxGrip hook is a lightweight, collapsible tactical hook designed for use on urban adobe-style surfaces such as those found in the Middle East or Afghansitan.

The hook is manufactured from tough Grade 5 titanium with a spiked hook that distrubutes load over an array of teeth that provide maximum grip on softer surfaces.

A quick connect pin creates rapid modular connection to the ladder system, and the hook can also be configured with the PIGG Release adapter for telescopic pole use. 

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Product NameProduct CodeWeightMinimum Breaking LoadCompatible With
REBS MaxGrip Hook with Tactical ConnectorHKBE0017201.3kg1000kg (inner two spikes)Tactical Ladder, Carbon Ladder, UPL and CML
REBS MaxGrip Hook with Pigg ReleaseHKBE0017251.5kg1000kg (inner two spikes)Manual Telescopic Windup and Telescopic