Milgrabber Grappling Hook

The Milgrabber is a lightweight, collapsible, portable and reusable grappling hook. It features three claws and is made from 7075-T651 aluminium alloy. A 19.4mm thick 7.75-T651 spider is pinned to the top of the shaft with a 6.3mm pin. The spider supports three 8mm thick claws which freely pivot on 9.5mm pins. Each claw has two teeth on the end and four more on the underside. 

The grabber has a spring-loaded locking mechanism with a stainless steel shackle to connect into the rope. It is rated for 1800 lbf or 8kN loads and the shackle is rated at 3500 lbf or 15.5kN.

Finished with a black, baked on epoxy finish for long lasting protection. 

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Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightHeightDiameter
Milgrabber Grappling HookTRMILGRABBlack1.36kg304mm215mm