REBS 6.8 Inch Aluminium Dual Hook

The REBS 6.8" Dual hook is a lightweight, forged aluminium hook designed for use with the REBS Tactical or Carbon Multi Ladder systems.

The hook is rated for tip loads up to 1000kg on its twin carbon spikes, which are ideal for both hard and soft surfaces such as walls, window ledges and containers which can be encountered during military and tactical operations. 

The hook uses a quick connect pin for a rapid modular connection to the ladder system. It also includes a rated eyelet for safety and other connections. 

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Product NameProduct CodeWeight Minimum Breaking LoadDeployed Dimensions
REBS 6.8 Inch Aluminium Dual HookHKBE0045141.8kg1000kg (Tip)36.3 x 31.5 x 18.4 cm