Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry

The Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR is a Search and Rescue helmet which meets industrial and mountaineering performance standards. It is designed to provide key tactical accessory mounting capabilities to the user and is certified to BS EN 12492:2012 Standard for Mountaineering Helmets and BS EN 1385:2012 Standard for Whitewater Helmets. 

The glass reinforced polycarbonate shroud allows lights and cameras to be easily mounted to the helmet, and a sport style under the chin retention system features a Fidlock® magnetic buckle for easy one-handed operation. The Boa® Fit System allows adjustments for a precise fit while providing single-handed quick release

Expanded Polystyrene Impact Liner features a Zorbium® Foam Comfort Pads which is available in two thicknesses.

It comes standard with two vent covers to prevent objects and debris from entering the crown vents of the helmet.

Weight: 0.63kg (no rails) 

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This allows accessories such as cameras and lights to be mounted to the helmet.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSize (Head Circumference)
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Black53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Yellow53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-White53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Green53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Blue53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Red53-63cm
Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR Backcountry-Orange53-63cm