Military & Tactical Helmets

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Coron Helmet iD [{ "Product Name": "Coron Helmet iD", "Product Code": "HELMC-G-ID", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Size": "One Size", "Weight (g)": "365", "Size": "54-62cm", "Certification": "EN12492:2012" },{ "Product Name": "Coron Helmet iD", "Product Code": "HELMC-BLK-ID", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "One Size", "Weight (g)": "365", "Size": "54-62cm", "Certification": "EN12492:2012" }]
  • Durable ABS shell
  • Replaceable components
  • Unique serial number and DMM iD tag
  • No glued fixings
  • Non-absorbent materials

    Coron Helmet iD

    Designed for intensive use; durable ABS shell and replaceable components.

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