Retrieval Cones

Conical leading edge guides cone through anchor components reliably and with little resistance, then locates in retrieval element.

Max diameter tailored to a selection of common tree care anchor components/assemblies.

High performance polymer – impact resistance, UV tolerance, high dimensional accuracy combine to ensure reliable performance over extended lifespan

Dimensions of cord channel and knot cavity are optimised:
– to grip specified cord (Teufelberger Orion 3mm) so that cone is unlikely to slide off cord (not ideal when at height); and
– to increase maximum wall thickness and consequently increased strength

Colour coded – Cone S = Yellow/OD 20.5mm, Cone L = Red/OD22.3mm. Assessed performance in retrieval >2kN (with Teufelberger Orion 3mm red)

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Product NameProduct CodeColourMBSWLLDimensionsWeightCertification
Retrieval Cone Small without cordAR2950Yellow--20.5mm OD3g-
Retrieval Cone Small with cordAR2950CYellow--20.5mm OD4g-
Retrieval Cone Large without cordAR2960Red--22.3mm OD5g-
Retrieval Cone Large with cordAR2960CRed--22.3mm OD6g-