Arizona Vortex

The Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex is an artificial high directional system that can be easily transported to any location. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from access and egress to confined spaces, to the negotiation of complex edges in wilderness environments. The Vortex is the multipod of choice for professionals within rescue and military sectors. 
It can be set-up in a multitude of configurations including tripod, bi-pod and monopod, which is partly due to the enhanced flexibility of the two piece head set. The A-Frame Head has been designed to give the most optimal angle between the legs, while the Gin Pole Head can hinge to allow precise positioning of the third leg. The multipod can be assembled into a three-leg frame using both heads or they can be used individually to create an A-Frame or a Gin Pole. It can be easily combined with a number of products such as the Rock Exotica Omni Block, Aztek and Kootenay to meet virtually any requirement for a portable AHD system. 
The Raptor Foot is best used on uneven or rough terrain, whilst the Flat Foot will secure the Vortex on flat surfaces. 
CE 0120 EN795:2012/B & EN 365:2004
CEN/TS 16415:2013

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Product NameProduct CodeColourMinimum HeightMaximum HeightWeight (with both feet sets) MBS Rating
Arizona Vortex Inc Vortex Bag SetR3VX2 SETTitanium2.7m3.7m33kg36kN
Arizona Vortex Inc Vortex Bag SetR3VX2 SET_BLKBlack2.7m3.7m33kg36kN