Helix R3 Modular Harness System

The R3 is a modular tactical harness system based around the EN358 PPE certified R3 Riggers Belt with the option of adding both lightweight legs and chest harness. The belt is sized so that it can take molle attachments and is stiff enough to take heavier equipment such as pistol holsters. The outside surface of the belt uses a fine soft velcro so that battle belts can be positioned securely on top. A low profile textile belay loop is included on the front of the belt which allows the user to connect quickly into an anchor. 

The leg loops are very light and compact using a synthetic mesh to minimise their bulk and minimise moisture retention. Packing down into a pouch that is just 12 x 8cm, the leg loops can be attached to the belt for immediate access. The legs can be attached the the Riggers Belt whilst it is being worn in less than 15 seconds. 

The chest harness can be used when the operator needs a high attachment point, when heavier loads are carried and when more stability is required. It has been designed to be worn underneath the plate carrier so that it does not restrict access to pouches or other equipment mounted on the vest. Connecting the Riggers Belt to the chest harness is a webbing bridge that can be adjusted via a fast adjust buckle to acheive the correct length. 

All components use fast out buckles that allow the harness components to be removed very quickly if needed. 

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The combination of the belt and the legs meets EN12277 Type C. Belt, legs and chest harness meets EN358 and EN361.
Product NameProduct CodeSizeWaist (cm)Waist (in)WeightColour
Helix R3 Modular Harness SystemED89104BLK-SS68-9827-39475gBlack
Helix R3 Modular Harness SystemED89104BLK-MM72-10928-43485gBlack
Helix R3 Modular Harness SystemED89104BLK-LL82-11232-44490gBlack
Helix R3 Modular Harness SystemED89104BLK-XLXL90-13235-52510gBlack
Helix R3 Modular Harness System with Chest AscenderED89105BLK-SS68-9827-39-Black
Helix R3 Modular Harness System with Chest AscenderED89105BLK-MM72-10928-43-Black
Helix R3 Modular Harness System with Chest AscenderED89105BLK-LL82-11232-44-Black
Helix R3 Modular Harness System with Chest AscenderED89105BLK-XLXL90-13235-52-Black