Helix R2 Modular Harness System

A modular harness system combining a comfortable, padded sit harness with a low-profile chest harness. The R2 Sit Harness itself is rated to EN12277, and when combined with the C2 Chest Harness is certified to EN361.

The R2 Sit Harness is manufactured from a wide, thin laminate that spreads loads well whilst having a low profile that does not inhibit movement. The harness opens fully using fast release buckles on the waist and legs, whilst waist adjustment is made via the buckles on either side of the harness. This dual system allows the harness to be kept symmetrical whilst giving a large size range. 

The R2 Waist Belt incorporates four low gear loops that sit out of the way below other equipment. 

The C2 Chest Harness connects to the waist harness with a bridge sling that is length adjustable to ensure the correct fit. The same fast release buckles as the waist harness are used. It has been designed to be worn over or under plate carriers. A durable mesh fabric body is used which has a very low bulk, but keeps the straps in position. 

A bespoke chest ascender can also be integrated into the chest harness which sits flat above the plate carrier and magazines. 

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