CTOMS T2 Chest Harness

The T2 Chest harness connects into the M2 harness system and can also integrate into an operator’s plate carrier system.

Typically, a chest harness goes either under the armor making the high attachment point exit from behind the plate, or more commonly it goes over the top of the plate carrier and all the attachment pouches. The problem with this approach is that the pouches are less accessible and when the harness is loaded, it could crush the contents (not ideal for first aid kits or for pressing the PPT switch on a radio).

Thus, CTOMS designed the T2 harness to seamlessly integrate into a plate carrier. The webbing runs through the MOLLE in front of the armor, but behind any mounted pouches and so solving the two major problems.

The T2 is designed to be used in conjunction with the M2 harness and in this configuration, creates a tested class 3 harness system.

The T2 uses the same convenient connection style as the patented M2 harness system. It's very easy and fast to alter the effective front length of the harness so that it can be either shortened to hold the user in the most comfortable position when the harness is loaded, or it can be released so that it is not restrictive when walking or running.



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Product NameProduct CodeColourSize
CTOMS T2 Chest HarnessCT22040-HC-CBCoyote BrownOne Size
CTOMS T2 Chest HarnessCT22040-HC-RGRanger GreenOne Size
CTOMS T2 Chest HarnessCT22040-HC-BKBlackOne Size