CTOMS Suspenders Gen 3

The Gen 3 suspenders have been designed to distribute weight between hips and shoulders to reduce strain when moving. Allowing a range of motion during a mission, these static suspenders move when you move. Featuring an adjustable chest strap, you can customise the suspenders to fit your body preventing straps falling off and increasing comfort. 

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Increases comfort and so reduces distractions from straps cutting into shoulders.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSizeWeight
CTOMS Suspenders Gen 3CT22016-CBCoyote BrownOne size130g
CTOMS Suspenders Gen 3 CT22016-RGRanger GreenOne size 130g
CTOMS Suspenders Gen 3CT22016-MCMulticam OriginalOne size130g
CTOMS Suspenders Gen 3 CT22016-BKBlackOne size130g