REBS Standard Launcher

The REBS Standard Launcher is the most powerful launcher on the market, with a 4500 psi pneumatic cylinder which accurately delivers a titanium/aluminium grapnel on target. The multi-shot diveable line launcher gives the operator a 100m tactical access capability and can be used for dive operations or attached rigidly to a deck mount for boat deployment. The unique spring loaded grapnel arms provide superior route finding, grip and strength which establish the anchor point. The launcher is powered with pressurized air, which facilitates low noise operations and enables easy reloading from ordinary diving bottles. With a new noise reducing piston mechanism, recoil is reduced along with noise levels down to 19-22dB  providing both tactical and HSE benefits. The Grapnel hook reaches distances of 50m vertically and 100 metres horizontally. 

The individual components available are as follows:

  • Basic Unit
  • Rope Container
  • Grapnel Hook with Titanium Arms
  • Various Black Rope Options
  • 1 Litre Composite Bottle with Valve
  • External Air Bottle Use System
  • Fill Line Valve
  • Transportation Box
  • Toolkit 

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Allows user to reach heights of 50 meters and lengths of 100 meters, powered by a 4500 psi pneumatic cylinder.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeight (Complete Launcher) Max Height with Grapnel HookMax Length with Grapnel
Standard Launcher HKBE002442Black7kg50m100m
Basic UnitHKBE002442Black ---
Rope ContainerHKBE003674Black---
Composite BottleHKBE003711Black---
External Air Bottle SystemHKBE003752Black---
Fill Line ValveHKBE004009Silver---
Transportation BoxHKBE002480Black---

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