REBS Standard Launcher

The Standard Launcher enables users to access high-up entry points by launching a grapnel hook on to a permanent fixture and then ascending ropes fixed from that point. The Launcher is perfect for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or cliffs as well as crossing ravines or rivers, both for military and rescue scenarios.  The Launcher is powered with pressurized air, which facilitates low noise operation and enables easy reloading from ordinary diving bottles.  The grapnel hooks come in high strength aluminum alloy and titanium and can reach distances of 50m in height and a horizontal distance of 100 meters. A climbing ladder can be launched as high as 25m.
The power of the launcher can be preset on the fly by adjusting the pressure using the pressure gauge.  The Launcher can be used several times at various heights for each tank refill. The number of shots between refills depends on the pressure used for each shot.  The Launcher Piston Kit reduces both recoil and sound levels, providing both tactical and HSE benefits. It is easily installed on existing units, and is also recommended as a standard part on new deliveries.
For ease of transportation and increased comfort at very high pressures we provide a stand platform which can be bolted to any flat surface and we also provide custom interfaces for any boat or vehicle.  A flexible solution is the Launcher Mount that can be used both with a flexible padded base, or the rubber pad.  Allowing the Launcher to be fired safely even while rested on the ground.

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Allows user to reach heights of 50 meters and lengths of 100 meters, powered by a 4500 psi pneumatic cylinder.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeight (Complete Launcher) Max Height with Grapnel HookMax Length with Grapnel
REBS Standard Launcher (basic)HKBE002442Black7kg50m100m
REBS 1L Composite Bottle with Valve V.2HKBE003711----
REBS Rope Container with Hinge - V2 HKBE003674----
REBS Fill Line Valve V.2HKBE004009----
REBS Storage Box HKBE002480----
REBS Standard Launcher Grapnel with Titanium ArmsHKBE002513----
REBS 25m Rope Ladder with AlustepHKBE002477----
REBS 50m Spectra RopeHKBE002507Black---
REBS System for External Bottle UseHKBE003752----
REBS Toolset for Launcher GrapnelHKBE002537----
REBS Standard Launcher Single PlatformHKBE007374----
REBS Standard Launcher BaseplateHKBE118172----
REBS Standard Launcher Mount KitHKBE000113----
REBS Standard Launcher Piston Kit CompleteHKBE000038----