REBS Compact Launcher

The Compact Launcher enables users to access high-up entry points by launching a grapnel hook on to a permanent fixture and then ascending ropes fixed from that point. The Launcher is perfect for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or cliffs as well as crossing ravines or rivers, both for military and rescue scenarios.  It is a high performance pneumatic launcher that has been designed for use in maritime and urban environments. The Compact Launcher grants high reliability, reach and versatility and comes with a folding stock to reduce size.
The system is powered by pressured air, the 0.35L bottle can be easily be re-filled from a normal 300 bar diving bottle. Lower pressure diving systems can also be used to charge the tank. Users can set the firing pressure on the fly depending on the height required. A compact rope container can be mounted on the barrel and fits 115ft of 8 mm rope or 53ft of rope ladder. Multiple shots can be fired from a single bottle charge.  The Compact Grapnel with spring-loaded folding arms will hook into any object such as wire, fences, railings, and structural and natural features. It can be used to deploy a climbing rope, flexible ladder or a horizontal traverse line.
The Piston Kit upgrade reduces both recoil and sound levels, providing both tactical and HSE benefits.  It is easy to maintain and has a long and robust service life with proper post operations care. The Compact launcher is available in several kit options. A custom made transportation and storage box makes the Compact Launcher highly transportable and user friendly.

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Suitable for use with a powered ascender
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeight (Complete Launcher) Max height with Grapnel HookMax height with Rope Ladder
REBS Compact Launcher Unit Basic HKBE003749Black 4.4kg35m16m
REBS Compact Launcher Unit (Piston System)HKBE00083----
REBS Compact Piston KitHKBE000057----
REBS 0.35l Aluminium Bottle with valveHKBE004204----
REBS Rope/Ladder ContainerHKBE004262----
REBS Fill line valve Compact LauncherHKBE004263----
REBS Storage box Compact LauncherHKBE004342----
REBS Grapnel Compact Launcher 4 armsHKBE007838----
REBS 16m Rope Ladder with alustepHKBE002458----
REBS 40m Spectra rope blackHKBE004343----
REBS Maintenance kit Compact LauncherHKBE004878----