WR KinetiXx X-Rope Glove

This glove supports controlled abseiling whilst ensuring a high level of cut, heat and flame resistance thanks to W+R's Sharktec technology. Suitable for military operations, Special Forces, S.W.A.T. and Air Force helicopter units . 

W+R's Sharktec technology offers excellent hand protection and optimal performance with excellent grip. The surface of the glove is made up of thousands of microscopic 3D structures which follow the natural movement of the hand. 

The outside of the glove is constructed from a single-layer system with 3D design that ensures controlled abseiling including adjusting the speed and stopping on the rope. The palm area features Volcano technology and is thermally insulated with air cushions. Backhand of the glove is made of flame-retardant material, and ergonomic and hard protectors on the back of the hand help with guiding the rope.

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Product NameProduct CodeSizeColour
WR KinetiXx X-Rope GloveWR7100-200-77Black
WR KinetiXx X-Rope GloveWR7100-200-88Black
WR KinetiXx X-Rope GloveWR7100-200-99Black
WR KinetiXx X-Rope GloveWR7100-200-1010Black
WR KinetiXx X-Rope GloveWR7100-200-1111Black