WR Charon Glove

The Charon has been designed for fast roping from helicopters or abseiling during rescue operations, in wet weather conditions. The 3D palm design combines nanotechnology on the fingers with reversed goat grain leather on the palm's centre which allows for controlled abseiling and fast roping even in wet conditions. 

The Charon can be used throughout an entire operation which involves both abseiling and shooting thus removing the requirement for a second glove thanks to the anatomical palm design for easy hand flexing and a tactile shooting finger design. 

The inside of the palm is constructed from Volcano-Technology which consists of small volcano shaped structures on the inside of the palm giving thermal insulation and good grip preventing the fingers from twisting when going down the rope.

Reinforcements on the palm and of the edges of the glove protects the hand against the rope. Highly cut-resistant, flame-retardant and heat-resistant. 

The Index finger, fingertip and thumb reinforcement are made from cut-resistant Kevlar® with temperature-resistant silicon-carbon coating which also gives a repellent action against burning liquids.

The back of the glove and thumb are made from high-quality black Nomex® with reduced pilling as well as water, oil and dirt repellent fluorocarbon equipment.

A Velcro fastener gives a reliable hold on the wrist and a pull tab on the middle and ring finger allows for easy donning and doffing of the glove. 

It is certified to EN388:2016 and EN407:2004. 


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Product NameProduct CodeSizeColour
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-66Black
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-77Black
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-88Black
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-99Black
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-1010Black
WR Charon GloveWR9100-285-1111Black