Protecttion Wind Escapattor

The Protecttion Wind Escapattor is a micro egress system that is very intuitive, simple to use even in adverse conditions, fast to deploy, auto-locking and load limiting.  It also has minimal training burden.
The system is based around a handled rope controller that is pre-loaded onto 5.5mm Technora aramid rope. The rope length can be specified as required up to 160m. The system incorporates two important safety features – load limiting and autoblock on release. The load limiting feature means it is designed to slip at 3.75kN in order to minimise the forces that can come onto the user or the anchors. Thus even if an operator messes up their edge transition by allowing slack into the system and then falls, the device will softly catch the fall whilst minimising the load on the anchors. The auto locking  feature allows the user to release the device at any time to use other equipment without moving or changing position.
The system is certified to the European standard for Personal Fall Protection Equipment: Descender Devices EN 341D:2011 for loads up to 120kg on descents up to 160m. The system is also certified to ANSI Z359.4-2013.
The Protecttion Wind Escapattor is the basis of a modular micro rope system that can be built up with additional rigging and ascent components to create a versatile capability with minimal weight that occupies the least possible space on webbing. The rigging components include door anchors, escape hooks and aramid slings to allow multiple types of anchor points to be used. The Ascent module is based around the CTOMS QA that allows efficient climbing whilst giving a fast transition between descent and ascent.
The device has been slightly modified for tactical users with subdued colour ways and extra rope protection that is pre-rigged onto the rope to allow fast deployment. A 25m egress system will fit into a 17cm x 10cm x 5cm Molle pouch together with both connecting carabiners and a 50cm SuperFabric rope protector.
*This version of the system including the pouch weights 920g.

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