Emergency Egress

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Highnovate Quick Release Abseil Device [{ "Product Name": "Highnovate Quick Release Abseil Device", "Product Code": "HNQRAB", "Colour": "Black", "Size": "12cm x 5cm x 4cm", "Weight": "150g", "Maximum Load": "140kg" }]
  • Quick Rappel
  • Immediate Detachment
  • Released only under no load and auto blocks when hands let go
  • Lightweight

    Highnovate Quick Release Abseil Device

    A quick release auto-block abseil device for when every second counts. 

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    Protecttion Wind Escapattor [{ "Product Name": "Protecttion Wind Escapattor", "Product Code": "TTWE23M", "Rope Diameter": "5.5mm", "Weight": "920g*", "Colour": "Black", "Conformance": "EN 341D:2011 and ANSI Z359.4-2013" }]
    • A micro egress system that is very intuitive, simple to use in adverse conditions, fast to deploy, auto locking and load limiting.
    • The system is based around a handled rope controller which is pre-loaded onto a 5.5mm Technora aramid rope.
    • Two important safety features are incorporated into the system - load limiting and autoblock on release.
    • The Protecttion Wind Escapattor is the basis of a modular micro rope system that can be built up with additional rigging and ascent components to create a versatile capability.
    • The 5.5mm rope is constructed from 100% Technora which is an aramid fibre that gives high level of protection from both ambient and direct heat up to 500 degrees Celsius.
    • A handled, load limiting, auto-blocking rope controller that incorporates a dual anti-panic function, is pre-installed onto the rope ready to deploy.

      Protecttion Wind Escapattor

      Auto-locking descent device that is very compact and light. 

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